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Welcome to Tele2!

Now, Tele2 is the most rapidly growing cellular operator in Russia. With 35.4 million subscribers, the company is the fourth-largest player on the market. We are sure that the Russian office of Tele2 is one of the best places for work and professional growth. This is confirmed by the fact that the most of employees are with the company for a long time. If you want to work in Tele2, you have to take note of several key principles of our operation.

First of all, Tele2 pays exceptional attention to subscribers. Customer focus is the major factor of successful work in Tele2, irrespective of the position held by an employee, the region or duration of work.

To achieve a success in Tele2, you must share our values: openness, flexibility, cost consciousness. Implementing a long-term strategy, Tele2 promptly responds to market changes; in this connection we pay special attention to the leadership qualities of employees and applicants. Tele2 has no strict hierarchy. The activity of our managers is based on the principles of maximum delegation of powers, which allows getting closer to company’s clients and employees. The key tasks for them are also the training of employees and sharing of knowledge.

Professional development is another important criterion of success of a Tele2 employee. We are sure that real work is a basis for self-development. A better competence is achieved by improving skills during the independent work and team cooperation. Supporting people’s drive for obtaining additional skills and knowledge, Tele2 holds trainings, courses, seminars. The professional development also includes the annual appraisal implying the discussion of results of work and planning of new goals, activities, training.

Tele2 is rapidly growing with new positions opening on a regular basis. This is a chance for applicants to join one of Russia’s leading telecommunications companies, and for the company employees – to respond to the professional challenge.

Tele2 Russia