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Tele2 enters Samara Region and completes integration of Rostelecom mobile assets

30 March 2016

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, started providing services under its brand in Samara Region. Samara became the last one of 23 regions where the company has launched its brand as a part of the project on setting up a new federal operator.

For the less than a year Tele2 launched mobile services under its brand in 23 Russian regions that were earlier operated by Rostelecom subsidiaries. Integration turned out to be the largest and most impressive project on the Russian telecommunications market. During the creation of a new federal operator Tele2 has fully revised its business processes, created a new product portfolio, reequipped single-brand stores, expanded existing call centres and opened new ones and switched subscribers onto the Tele2 customer service.

Tele2 has completed integration of the Rostelecom mobile assets ahead of schedule set by the company. The operator has successfully consolidated legal entities, switched Rostelecom subsidiaries onto a single billing platform, set up a new regional structure including creation of two macroregions – “Moscow” and “Urals”, launched operations in Moscow Region.

The Tele2 arrival to new regions is announced in a massive advertising campaign. It is promoting key principles and the main features of the company’s brand – low prices, simplicity and transparency in contacts with subscribers. All those willing could speak up and vote for low prices on mobile services in the region. Around 2 mn people supported profitable tariffs, policy of honesty and high-quality connections in new regions. They now own certificates that allow free top-ups of their mobile accounts when having connected to Tele2.

The company announced consolidation of mobile assets and creation of a new federal operator at the basis of Tele2 in February 2014. In less than 6 months Tele2 and Rostelecom closed the second stage of the deal on integration of mobile assets. In May 2015, Tele2 launched a network under its brand in Saratov that that has become the first of 23 Russian regions.

In Samara, Tele2 is providing services in 2G/3G standards. The company managed to build the GSM network in the region thanks to the fact Tele2 won a license for frequency bands in 1800 MHz in Samara Region. The received frequency band let Tele2 provide high-quality voice on the territories populated by 77% residents of the area. Wireless Internet services are now available to 74% of Samara Region population.

Sergey Emdin, CEO at Tele2:

“Samara launch is a milestone event: today we are finishing the formation of a new federal operator. In record time Tele2 implemented a project that is unique in its scale and complexity and that has never previously existed in the history of the Russian telecommunications market. A launch of new regions means new opportunities for the Tele2 launch. Geography of the operator’s presence expanded up to 65 Russian regions, and our clients may use high-speed wireless Internet in 3G/4G standards in 61 of them. Tele2 now has all necessary resources for the growth of key indicators and successful business development.”


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