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Tele2 creates other rules

25 January 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has launched a new communications platform called “Other rules”. The company has changed its slogan and corporate style and was the first on the Russian telecom market to transfer remaining minutes and Internet traffic onto the next month for users of bundle tariffs.

By launching a new communications platform, Tele2 is overcoming a trivial perception of the company as telecom operator: it has got a new slogan – “Other rules”. The company will focus on innovations products that depict preferences of subscribers and support their lifestyle. It will also concentrate on a perfect customer service. At the same time, Tele2 will maintain its key advantages – honesty with the clients, simplicity and profitable cost of services.

In outdoor advertising Tele2 will use simple but emotional CID instead of the street art theme. The operator has maintained black in combination with bright colors and added new inspiring pictures of people in order to make communications more powerful and intense. Heroes of a music band well-known to the audience will present main advantages of Tele2 products and services in TV ads.

Along with a launch of a new conception, Tele2 will present a unique product for the Russian telecommunications market. Minutes, gigabytes and SMS purchased by subscribers as a part of their bundle tariffs do not “burn down” at the end of the month but get transferred onto the next period. Next month they are used by subscribers in the first place. The service is free of charge and is activated at all tariffs of the Black range open for connection.

Tele2 partner for creating a new communications platform was McCann Moscow. Grey Advertising was in charge of developing a new CID.

Sergey Emdin, CEO at Tele2:

“A launch of a new communications platform has been primarily entailed by the Tele2 new business strategy. One of its key goals is to become the best service company on the Russian market. In order to achieve this task, our products and services have to be profitable, simple and fair. We will be actively developing various digital partnership services and make this all as fast as possible. We are creating an alternative to existing solutions on the market and striving to improve the quality of life of mobile users. We are quite sure that a new creative concept will help us communicate our key messages to subscribers. Other rules are nor just words: we will use each product and service to guard our subscribers’ interests and speak out against imposed rules and restrictions.”


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