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Tele2 playing by other rules

26 January 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has released new advertising video as a part of a new communications platform “Other rules”. They are dedicated to a unique product on the Russian telecom market – a service for transferring remaining minutes, gigabytes and SMS onto the next period.

Heroes of advertising video are still the same: the operator’s low-cost services are presented by young musicians already well known to the audience. This time they show up in the image of firefighters who prevent that prepaid but unused minutes, gigabytes and SMS “burn out”.

By moving around the city in a fire truck, they notice that unused minutes burn out here and there. In order to change this situation, they introduce a new rule: services you paid for should not burn out. The second video looks like breaking news where a firefighter is also calling on residents of the city to save minutes and gigabytes.

On 25 January, Tele2 presented a revolutionary product for the Russian telecommunications market that allows transferring unused minutes, gigabytes and SMS onto the next period. The service is free of charge and is activated at all tariffs of the Black range open for connection.

New advertising video is available at Tele2 official channel on YouTube.


Tele2 Russia