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Tele2 expands distribution network up to 120 thou PoS in 2016

30 March 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has summed up network development in 2016. Over the year, the number of PoS where subscribers could purchase Tele2 SIMs increased 11% and totaled 120 thou. As of December 2016, Moscow Region residents could sign up with Tele2 in over 13.5 thou PoS – this indicator increased 12% y-o-y.

The chain of Tele2 single-brand stores remains the main channel for the operator’s sales. The number of stores and stalls has slightly increased and reached 3.4 thou stores. The operator has built up a high-quality retail network and now focuses on efficiency of every PoS.

Tele2 continues actively developing online channel: over 5% of new subscribers connected to the operator’s network via website last year. The number of SIMs purchased by subscribers in Tele2 online store increased over 120% y-o-y. Besides, in 2016 the company started offering delivery of online orders – SPRS Express became Tele2’s federal partner and now ships orders to 65 regions of Tele2’s operations.

Federal retail chains account for over 30% of a total number of PoS – their share added 5% compared to 2015. Last year Tele2 continued developing an alternative retail channel. The number of PoS in this segment increased 26% y-o-y and totaled 71 thou. Tele2 started cooperating with new partners and subscribers may now sign up with Tele2 at appliances and electronics stores M.Video, Tekhnosila, DNS, offices of VSK insurance company, Rosgosstrakh bank and Home Credit Bank.

Besides, in 2016 Tele2 launched Tvoy Plus – the program of direct sales that represents a new advanced version of the multilevel marketing. Any of those willing may become partners in the project by signing up new clients and gain up to 10% of their expenses on mobile services. By the end of 2016 the number of the program’s participants has reached 40 thou.

Igor Maystrenko, Director of Sales and Mass Marketing at Tele2:

“Tele2 has always paid great attention to developing the retail network. By increasing the number of PoS and enhancing their efficiency, we are helping our subscribers get professional consultation where it is convenient for them. In 2016, we expanded a range of products in our stores – Tele2 put on sale its branded smartphones that quickly gained wide popularity among users. The Tvoy Plus program allowed Tele2 to connect new loyal subscribers whereas partners got a monetary award for each connected subscriber. This year we will focus on high-quality development of the network and continue expanding a circle of partners.”


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