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Tele2 expands international roaming

10 March 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is opening roaming on the Movitel network (Mozambique) and Ooredoo (Tunis) in Africa. New roaming partners of Tele2 have also appeared in the UAE, Macao and Croatia – DU, CTM and Vip networks correspondently.

In Mozambique, Tunis and the UAE Tele2 clients may use voice services in roaming at 35 rubles per a minute of incoming and outgoing call to all directions, excluding South and North America. A traveler will pay 12 rubles for one MMS or SMS.

In Croatia, Tele2 subscriber will pay 15 rubles per minute of call to CIS and European countries. The cost of SMS and MMS will total 6 rubles. Tele2 clients in roaming may use voice without sending any requests and receive a quick update on expenses and account balance.

Tele2 is also giving its subscribers an opportunity to use high-speed wireless Internet in roaming at affordable prices. One megabyte of data will cost 50 rubles in Mozambique, the UAE and Macao, whereas in Croatia a traveler will pay 25 rubles for the same volume of traffic.

Tele2 is offering convenient options that allow users to optimize expenses on mobile services abroad. The “Talks without borders” service gives an opportunity to take phone calls at 5 rubles per minute. A subscriber daily fee totals 5 rubles. With “Internet abroad” activated, 10 Mb downloaded in Croatia will cost 100 rubles per day, the traveler will pay 300 rubles for the same volume of data in Mozambique, the UAE and Macao. In their travels across Croatia, Tele2 clients will be able to use the “Internet without rest” option that allows downloading unlimited volume of traffic abroad for 399 rubles per day.


Tele2 Russia