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Tele2 reports 8-fold growth of Internet traffic in roaming

31 March 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has summed up roaming activity results over 2016. The main trend of the year was the growth of Internet traffic downloaded by Tele2 clients in national roaming and abroad.

As of 2016, the number of Tele2 subscribers who used national and international roaming increased 10% y-o-y. The number of subscribers travelling around Russia grew 15% and those who went abroad decreased 5%.

Voice traffic of Tele2 subscribers in roaming surged 30% last year. At the same time, the company has pointed out a considerable increase in duration of outgoing calls completed by the operator’s subscribers in travels across Russia: Tele2 clients were talking over the phone 70% longer than they did the previous year. The overall number of minutes used by Tele2 subscribers in international roaming increased 10%.

Data surged 8 times in travels across Russia and abroad. This indicator increased 7.5-fold in national roaming and 4.5-fold in international roaming. An active use of data and growing popularity of messengers entailed decrease in a number of SMS sent in foreign trips. Their number dropped almost 20% compared to last year’s indicator.

Most popular among Tele2 subscribers were Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Estonia, Poland, Italy and Azerbaijan. These countries were visited by 58% of all operator’s clients who travelled abroad last year. Compared to 2015, a large increase in a number of roamers was recorded in Belorussia, Ukraine and Estonia – it doubled. Tele2 subscribers started visiting Kazakhstan and Turkey less often.

More active users of national roaming were Tele2 clients from Chelyabinsk, Tula, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod. They account for a quarter of voice traffic and a third of all SMS sent in trips around Russia.

Tele2 most actively used roaming services from July to September. This period accounts for over a third of all roaming operations over a year. They dropped during the first months of 2016 – January, February and March. Internet traffic of subscribers who stayed abroad or travelled across Russia was three times less than in most active months of the year.


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