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Tele2 counts international visitors in Moscow

6 April 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has summed up subscriber activity results in host roaming over 2016. The largest number of foreign tourists who registered on the Tele2 network in Moscow Region last year came from Estonia. Most active users of Internet and voice were US tourists, whereas the Japanese outperformed others in a number of sent SMS.

Many international visitors came to Moscow Region in 2016, which is confirmedby statistics of Tele2 host roaming. Estonian subscribers account for the largest share of roamers registered on the Tele2 network, tourists from China are taking the second place, whereas travellers from Belorussia come last in top three of most active roamers. Guests from Italy and the US are ranked 4th and 5th correspondently.

Visitors from the US turned out to be most talkative subscribers on the Tele2 network, Estonian citizens were second in a number of dialed calls, Italian travellers were ranked third on the list, Chinese tourists – 4th and those who arrived from Belorussia took the 5th place. Total duration of calls completed by foreign subscribers in Moscow host roaming exceeded 1.5 mn minutes.

Mobile Internet was most actively used by US tourists, top five of Internet surfers also included visitors from China, Turkey, Estonia and Korea. Tourists from Japan most actively sent SMS in Tele2 host roaming, Mexican travellers were ranked second, whereas Australians took the 3d place. Tourists from France and Vietnam also entered the top five of SMS senders. SMS are also widely used by subscribers from Uganda, Bolivia, Hungary, Slovakia and Egypt, who visited Moscow in 2016.

Besides the capital, international travellers often visited Moscow Region towns last year. Kolomna turned out to be most popular destination, Sergiyev Posad took the 2nd place, whereas the city district of Khimki was ranked third in terms of popularity. Guests from abroad also often travelled to Podolsk, Zvenigorod, Istrinskiy, Serpukhovskiy and Krasnogorskiy districts.

Igor Zhizhikin, CEO at Tele2 Moscow macroregion:

“Moscow and St. Petersburg remain most popular destinations for international visitors coming to Russia. It is no surprise that most tourists connect to host mobile networks of these cities. According to our data, the number of SMS sent in roaming is consequently decreasing, whereas voice and particularly Internet traffic are on a constant rise. It is interesting that tourists from other countries are visiting not only Moscow but also its surroundings: old mansions, monasteries and other venues enjoy great popularity. Khimki have also entered the list of leaders in terms of roamers number: we explain this trend by a large traffic of passengers from Sheremetyevo as well as concentration of malls in this district.”

Tele2 has also counted travellers coming to the capital of the North. The largest number of tourists who registered on the Tele2 network in St. Petersburg arrived from Estonia, China, Germany, Great Britain and the US. Compared to 2015, Finland, Latvia and Italy left top five of the countries, whereas the number of Chinese tourists has considerably increased over the year, which brought the country up from the 5th to the 2nd position in the ranking. A total number of tourists who connected to the Tele2 network in St. Petersburg in 2016, increased by 50%. St. Petersburg guests from Estonia, the US and Italy were most active in the use of voice services. Estonians and Americans became leaders well ahead of others in a number of sent SMS. Text messages were actively sent by tourists from Latvia and Lithuania, Italy and Australia.


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