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Tele2 launches new application allowing users to watch media together

21 April 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has presented unique application Dabkick that allows an unlimited number of friends to watch video and pictures together, listen to the music and interact live.

Dabkick is offering the next generation of live communication that surpasses audio calls and video calls – the Media Call. This technology allows users to interact live while using media as a focal point for communication: video, photos and music. Thus, Dabkick relieves users from the necessity of sending a video link to friends and getting sporadic and sometimes delayed reactions.

The Dabkick application can work within the 3G/4G network and can support up to 100,000 people in any live session. The application allows users to use music and video content that is freely available online (like YouTube) plus their own photos. The application’s developers are now working to make the technology support a user's own video and music content.

The application is available for download at Google Play and Apple Store. In order to start using Dabkick, it is enough to undergo a simple registration procedure. A user’s friends do not even need to install the application to connect to a live session. To start watching the media together, it is just needed to invite other participants via the application with an SMS or email.

Andrey Patoka, Deputy CEO for Product, Marketing and Cooperation with Federal Clients:

“It is commonly believed that truly intimate and heart-to-heart communication comes when participants find themselves in common space, stay in person in the same room. We are offering our clients to reconsider this statement – the Dabkick application is creating opportunities for communication under other rules. With a new service launched, the distance is no longer an obstacle for discussing a film, picture of music in one company. Wherever friends are − in different cities or even countries – they are separated by kilometers but there are no boundaries for exchanging impressions. Users of the Media Call technology may watch the content and even manage it together. Thus, together with Dabkick we are launching a unique service in line with the Tele2 strategy – to create products that improve the quality of living”.

Balaji Krishnan, CEO at Dabkick:

“Our Media Call technology brings the third dimension to live communication. It is a new way to interact live with your friends using media as the focal point for communication. We have always wanted to partner with mobile operators, the pioneers in the live communication industry, in order to bring this new Media Call experience to their consumers. Media­based live communication creates significant opportunities for telcos and DabKick changes the way media is discovered, distributed, and consumed at scale. We are excited to work with Tele2 to bring this new social experience to Russia.”


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