Dmitry Lopatukhin

Deputy CEO for Operations and Regional Development at Tele2

Dmitriy Lopatukhin graduated from the Moscow State University of Commerce in 1995, with a degree in global economy.

During 1995-2000 Dmitriy was an Audit senior at PricewaterhouseCoopers Russia. In 2002 he took up the post of Corporate Controller at the Moscow office of Millicom Int. Cellular.

Dmitriy joined Tele2 in 2002 when the Swedish company’s subdivision purchased first Russian assets and was preparing for the launch of local operations. 

In 2002–2005 Dmitriy Lopatukhin held the post of Chief Financial Officer at Tele2 Russia. In 2005 he was Regional Managing Director at Tele2’s subdivision in Voronezh and Lipetsk. In 2008–2010 Dmitriy Lopatukhin worked as General Director at the Center macroregion of Tele2 Russia.

Dmitriy is currently holding the post of Deputy CEO for Operations and Regional Development at Tele2. He is in charge of developing Tele2 assets in Russian regions and managing local teams.

In 2007, Dmitriy Lopatukhin won the corporate prize “The Employee of the year” at the Group Sales Award Ceremony held by the European Kinnevik Group that included Tele2 and other telecom, media and industrial companies.