Corporate responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the main focus areas in Tele2 operations. It is integrated in the company’s business processes and is an organic part of corporate management. It provides systematic approach to development and implementation of the company’s social policy.

Management, ethical, social and cultural aspects of CSR are all reflected in the main documents and special regulations including the Code of Ethics and the Tele2 Corporate Social Policy. These documents can be used as practical guidance in everyday activities on all administrative and operational levels.

The directorate for corporate communications is in charge of overall CSR management in the company’s central office. 

One of the CSR priorities is to guarantee that employees would understand the basics of socially responsible activities, management approaches and comprehensive vision of the Tele2 social role, which contributes to efficient implementation of the company’s strategy in CSR.

When drawing up a CSR strategy the company was guided by ethics regulations as well as international CSR standards: AA1000, Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000. All basics of the policy entirely correspond to requirements of the Russian acting legislation and international principles of business ethics.

The policy describes the system of CSR management in Tele2, cooperation with partners, responsibility with regard to consumers and employees, development of local communities and NGOs, principles of information disclosure and cooperation with media, corporate volunteering, environmental issues and many others.

The policy is also regulating all socially oriented activities of the company. All decisions regarding CSR have to correspond to the social policy regulations.

Reach for Change foundation

Tele2 has supported the Reach for Change international foundation since 2012.

The Reach for Change foundation is providing support to social entrepreneurs that develop projects for solving childhood problems. The foundation is unique in its intention to support most ambitious, challenging and innovative ideas by consolidating efforts of business, NGOs and civil society aiming to improve lives of Russian children. 

The Reach for Change foundation started working in Russia in 2012 as a subdivision of the international organization that successfully worked in 17 countries and helped making positive changes in lives of children around the world. In 2015, the foundation started independently working in Russia, having inherited the best qualities from the international organization: elaborated selection process, transparent work and guaranteed high quality of selected initiatives. 

Supported by Tele2 and other partners, the foundation annually holds the All-Russia contest for social entrepreneurs that help children. 

The Reach for Change foundation is looking for daring and creative leaders who reveal childhood problems in the regions, find innovative solutions to them and aim to implement their projects. Principles of the contest imply that each applicant can get impartial appraisal of his business idea and support in its development. At the first stage, social entrepreneurs may finalize their projects, create a realistic and self-sustainable business plan. 

Winners of the contest are joining the program of professional development that is individually drafted for each participant. It includes the initial finance over one year, informational support on the territory of the region, consulting services in promoting the project as business incubator (with mentors from partner companies).

More information about participants of the project is available at the foundation’s website

All those willing may contribute to solving childhood problems: the charity foundation is raising donations. Clients may support social entrepreneurs by using the Tele2 fundraising service available at the following link

Corporate social responsibility report

In December 2013 Tele2 presented its first social report to the public. The document contained all information about the company’s CSR operations over 2011-2012. Thus, the company has put into order and regulated its social policy by having accorded it a status of strategically important operations. 

In December 2017 the company published the second CSR report summing up its results over 2015 and 2016. Over the period, Tele2 continued supporting social entrepreneurship and launched many socially oriented projects in Russian regions. Tele2 has implemented over 1000 social projects for almost five years in Russia. 

In December 2019 Tele2 issued its traditional report over 2017-2018. Over the period Tele2 implemented large-scale charity projects and many volunteering events organized by its employees. Over the Reach for Change foundation’s work its mentees changed for the best lives of over 350 thou children and adolescents. All users may read the full report and main facts in newsletter format.

In August 2020, Tele2 has summed up results in CSR over 2019. The company has continued developing social entrepreneurship in Russia, bridging digital divide and launching innovative products for the market. Thereby Tele2 is contributing to improving the quality of live for millions of clients, information sharing and equal prospects for people. The 2019 report on CSR and sustainability is available at the following link.

While implementing its policy in CSR, Tele2 is closely cooperating with Russian and international NGOs, regional authorities, partners and media. Such cooperation allows Tele2 to make efficient social investment, adapt its CSR policy to society’s real needs and improve it based on the best practices in this sphere.