1 сентября 2021

How I spent my summer: users of Tele2 app can play a game to catch summer memories

Moscow – Tele2, the alternative mobile operator, has launched a new game, Teletronika, playable through the My Tele2 app. Teletronika is presented in a retro Soviet style and puts players in control of a student who has to use a notebook to ‘catch’ objects associated with summer vacation. The players gain points for each object and can exchange them for real prizes, such as subscription to MyBook or crediting 500 rubles to the client’s account.

Users of the My Tele2 mobile app can play Teletronika by accessing it through the Play and Win tab through Stories. This is the first time the operator has launched a game in this section. The game is reminiscent of the popular electronic handheld games from the 1980s. In the Tele2 version, the plot of the game is centered on the beginning of the school year and holiday memories, where a student sits at a desk writing an essay on the topic “How I spent my summer”. To successfully complete the task, the player must catch various objects associated with summer (for example, a fishing rod and a bicycle) flying towards the hero from four sides.

The player gets a point for each caught ‘memory’. The speed of objects gradually increases and it is allowed to miss only two memories, the game is over after the third lost one. Depending on the points scored, the player can win a prize: for 20 points the player gets a subscription to MyBook, for 40 points – to print a photo on a flexible magnet in Multifoto, for 60 points – a training course on creating presentations from Yandex.Practicum, and for 80 – 500 rubles to the mobile account.

The presentation and plot of the game and the technical implementation in Tele2 were prepared together with InAppStory. Teletronika can be played by users of the latest version of My Tele2 application, available through Google Play and App Store.

Sergey Kolesnyak, Digital Development Director at Tele2:

“My Tele2 app also works according to our “Other rules” principle, providing our clients both serious services to resolve issues with communication services, but also a chance to take a break and relax. Gamification helps even adults become a child for a while and have some fun by playing games. When creating Teletronika, we tried to provide our clients with a good mood for facing the new academic and business year.”