2 сентября 2021

Ready for school: Tele2 presents portal for kids

Moscow – Tele2, the alternative mobile operator, has launched kids.tele2.ru, an educational and entertainment portal for children. Subscribers receive access to a video lesson courses of the school curriculum, educational games and exercises, Olympiad tests, a catalogue of popular cartoons, songs, tales in audio format.

Tele2 continues to develop services aimed for children: parents can use kids.tele2.ru to access educational and entertainment material for children of all ages. The portal is currently available as a mobile version accessible with a phone; in the near future, the company will also launch a desktop version.

The educational content of the portal consists of a library of video lessons on school subjects between grades 1 to 11. Pupils can train already covered topics, view a lesson on a missed topic, and get additional information. In addition, schoolchildren have the opportunity to test their knowledge in the thematic Olympiads, read books or listen to their audio versions. Educational games and exercises have been prepared for the little ones on the kids.tele2.ru portal, including entertaining tasks that improve logical thinking and counting skills, attentiveness and memory, as well as audio stories and songs.

The online site contains a selection of animated series, including classic and popular works from Disney, animation projects of the Marvel and Star Wars universes, the animated series Masha and the Bear (0+), the film adaptation of the famous Cut the Rope game, Om Nom Stories (0+) , Japanese anime series Hello Kitty (0+) and many others.

To access the content, Tele2 clients need to register on the kids.tele2.ru portal and select the section they are interested in. Some content is available for free, and paid content can be activated through subscription, which is provided free of charge for the first 24 hours, and will further cost 8 to 10 rubles per day, depending on the selected section.

Educational games – *502#

School – *503#

Fun exercises – *504#

Olympiad – *497#

Books – *498#

Cartoons – *781#

Cartoons Premium – *812#

Tales and songs – *734#

Other useful Tele2 services for parents include Parental control to monitor children’s phone usage, battery charge and account balance, as well as receive statistics on the use of mobile applications; Geosearch+ for tracking their child’s location; Antivirus scans the gadget for viruses and protects against new threats. Kids Online allows your child to watch children's content from Wink and prevents accidental subscriptions. In addition, parents will be able to save on various children's accessories, books and services of online schools by receiving discounts or cashback from partners of the More loyalty program. Students starting their academic year can access the skill.tele2.ru portal, which provides educational content on programming, computer science, data analysis, business management, design, marketing, and many other areas.