27 сентября 2021

Tele2 clients using Telegram and Viber will now stay in touch even at zero balance

Moscow – Tele2, the alternative mobile operator, has expanded the capabilities of a so-called SOS package, which is activated automatically when there is not enough money on a phone account to pay for the mobile plan subscription fee. Tele2 customers will still stay connected with access to the most essential applications. Telegram and Viber have now added to the list of available messengers. In addition to the new apps, WhatsApp, Yandex Maps and Yandex Navigator are also available when the SOS package is active.

Many are familiar with the situation where there is no way to quickly top up a mobile phone account and pay for a plan subscription fee, while still having to urgently contact a person or get to a destination. In such circumstances, Tele2 clients will not be left helpless and will still be able to send a message or pick a route on the map. No special activation is necessary; the SOS package is activated automatically when there is not enough money on the client's account to pay for the subscription.

The operator has updated the list of messengers available in the SOS package with Telegram and Viber. The reason for including these apps is obvious: Telegram is the most dynamically growing messenger with over 30% growth within Tele2 clients and the volume of traffic. Viber holds the second place in terms of growth.

The SOS package is available for 3 days for mobile plans with a monthly subscription fee and 1 day for plans working on daily subscription. The option works on all subscriptions available through My Tele2, as well as "Everywhere Online", "Premium", "Unlimited" and "Gaming" plans. The SOS package is automatically activated and provided free of charge. More details about the service can be found at sos.tele2.ru.

Tele2 clients enjoy wide protection in various service situations. For example, when a client has paid a subscription fee, access to paid services remains always available until the end of the subscription period, regardless of the balance status. This eliminates the situation when the client cannot use his paid service package with a negative balance.

Oleg Reshetin, Product Strategy Director at Tele2:

“We continue to develop convenient and requested services to help our customers. Tele2 clients can remain calm even if they lack the possibility to quickly top up their mobile balance. They will not find themselves in an inconvenient situation. Tele2 has been changing the rules of the telecom sector for several years. Contrary to the prevailing market practices, we retain access to the most important services, even if an account runs out of funds.”