29 сентября 2021

Tele2 introduces new service for busy clients

Moscow – Tele2, the alternative mobile operator, is offering its clients a new opportunity to manage unspent voice call minutes and data traffic provided free by their mobile plan package but left over at the end of a subscription period. Now, both can be accumulated and saved for the next period even if the client fails to pay their mobile plan’s next subscription fee on time.

Clients of the mobile operator can save minutes and gigabytes left unused in previous periods. The service has been provided by default and free of charge upon timely payment of the subscription fee. However, modern clients are often burdened simultaneously with several payment obligations and will not always remember the exact deadline of each of these payments. Tele2 introduces a new service that allows clients to save the accumulated minutes and gigabytes for the next period, even if they forget to pay their mobile plan subscription fee on time.

With the new “Balance Insurance” service option, clients receive an additional day to top up their mobile phone account and keep all unspent traffic provided by their mobile plan package. It is obligatory to subscribe to the new service in advance, before the final day of having to pay the subscription fee. This can be done in through a personal account in the My Tele2 application, at tele2.ru or by using the *155*571# USSD code. The cost of the service is 15 rubles per month. It is available for My Conversation, My Online, My Online+ and Everywhere Online plans.

Tele2 was the first Russian operator to launch the ability to save unspent traffic on in 2017, and since January of this year, the operator's clients have been able to use them whenever they want – the accumulated minutes and gigabytes never expire. The service is provided by default and free of charge upon timely payment of the mobile plan subscription fee.