Vision & Values


We will be exceptional first choice for those who lead a digital lifestyle and do not want to overpay for mobile services.


We offer an alternative to well-established market practices. We enable new lifestyle for users: fair, transparent, profitable products, high-quality partnership programs and services.


Tele2 values have not changed over several decades. They help us preserve a unique corporate culture created by Jan Stenbeck, the company’s founder. We call it Tele2 Way.

Our values are not just words. They guide us in our everyday work; they are in our DNA and influence everything we do.

Tele2Way means that:

  • We are Open: Honesty and openness are at the core of our communications. We work in the team and always share our experience, skills and knowledge with one other.
  • We are Flexible: We react and act very fast. We embrace changes and strive to be better every day. We follow our clients’ needs and change accordingly.
  • We are Cost Conscious: We support smart approach to investing and closely follow all expenses. We double check all costs.
  • We are Action-orientated: We are always in the heart of events. We encourage initiative and make things happen.
  • We will never, ever stop Challenging difficulties, the impossible and ourselves. Being fearless is one of our key rules. We dare unconventional and never give up.
  • To us, Quality matters: We believe in power of simplicity. We ensure the best possible quality at every touchpoint.