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Tele2 and Maxima Telecom publish rating of favorite messengers among metro passengers

28 June 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and Maxima Telecom – a single Wi-Fi provider on the city’s transport network – have looked at the preferences of mobile Internet users. Most popular Internet resources downloaded on the Moscow metro turned out to be social networks and messaging services.

Tele2 is a leader in the LTE coverage on the Moscow metro. Around 1.5 mn subscribers daily connect to the free network MT_FREE operated by Maxima Telecom. The companies have analyzed downloaded traffic and found out that Moscow metro passengers most often used social networks and messaging apps.

While waiting for the train, around 53.4% of Tele2 clients preferred the messaging app WhatsApp. Viber has taken the second place with a share of 42%, whereas the third place belongs to Facebook and its messaging application (23%).

An interesting fact, the messenger Telegram and the social network Instagram have not entered the top three and shared the fourth position in the rating (18%). Besides, Tele2 subscribers used the application Skype less willingly than other services: it has been ranked fifth with a share of 1.6%.

According to the data received, 91% of Tele2 clients in the Moscow underground connected to Internet by using smartphones, whereas 9% of subscribers preferred tabs.

The Tele2 rating differs from the list of most popular networks and messaging applications compiled by Maxima Telecom.

According to Maxima Telecom, the most popular social network and messenger among passengers was Facebook – applications were opened by 74.8% clients of the Wi-Fi network MT_FREE. The second place in terms of popularity belongs to the messaging service WhatsApp with an audience of 63.2%. VKontakte that has no separate messaging application is used by 55% of those connected to MT_FREE.

Instagram is ranked fourth in terms of popularity (42.1%) and it slightly outperforms Odnoklassniki with the network’s 37.3%. Around a third of Wi-Fi users communicated via Viber (30.1%) and Telegram (27.2%). Finally, slightly more than a quarter of MT_FREE users – 25.9% of clients – opened Twitter.


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