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Muscovites to attend “30 faces of yours” exhibition at Tele2 and Armossfera arts festival

11 July 2017

Moscow –Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and the Artmossfera artistic group will hold the “30 faces of yours” street art festival in the Museon park. Between 15 July and 6 August Muscovites and visitors of the capital will be able to attend this unusual open-air exhibition and draw inspiration from street art.

The “30 faces of yours” festival will allow Muscovites to get connected with the city art and touch the art of 30 brilliant street artists.

On 15 July, Museon visitors will witness masters from Russia, Hong Kong, Lithuania and other countries creating an exhibition in open air. Artists will do conceptual paintings at 30 faces of mirror prisms. However, these works will be finished only when spectator approaches the piece of art and his reflection adds new colors to the artist’s creative concept. Thus, each visitor will see an individual work that requires participation of a real person in the creative process.  

Work of artists will be accompanied by performances of breakdance champions and like-minded DJs such as DJ Chagin and DJ Tactics from the Flammable Beats hip hop group. In the evening, they will be supported by freestyle performer RePac. On the second day of the festival, the public will see performances by DJ Krlow, Jay D and musician Anton Kuznetsov aka Antokha МС. Tele2 has traditionally prepared gifts for its clients – including a special festival arts kit that will help them spend time in open air in a comfort way. All those who miss the opening of the event will be able to see the artists online in Tele2 official groups on social networks.

After the close of the festival, the “30 faces of yours” exhibition will go on a tour across Russian regions. It will be attended by residents of Tyumen, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don. 

Anton Kondartov, chief commercial officer at Tele2 Moscow macroregion:

“We expanded a role of Tele2 as communications provider to a broader mission of lifestyle enabler – the operator who supports its clients’ lifestyle. However, we are not simply seeking to become a perfect mediator between a person and the world around him by bringing comfort to his daily life. We want to inspire Muscovites, help them look at familiar things and discover their talents. The festival is aimed at this task – to fill Muscovites’ promenades with a new meaning and impressions.”

Sabina Chagina, cofounder of Artmossfera artistic group:

“Art jam is an important city event that attracts both artists and Muscovites. Street art professionals may finally meet and exchange cultural experience, whereas visitors of the venue get a chance to plunge into atmosphere of urbanistic art and take part in creative live process. We are happy that for the second year in a row, supported by Tele2, we manage to enliven the city, arrange a meeting of artists and musicians that stay at the cutting edge of the city culture, and bring it forth by introducing their art to the megapolis residents.” 


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