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Tele2 analyzes activities of Confederations Cup fans

3 July 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has summed up roaming activity results at the Confederations Cup. The company has looked at host roaming results as well as Internet and voice roaming at football games. Most often Tele2 clients made phone calls at the Fisht Stadium in Sochi and most actively used Internet at the Saint Petersburg Stadium. Most foreign guests who connected to the operator’s network during the tournament came to Moscow from the US.

Tele2 clients most actively downloaded Internet traffic while they were watching football games at the Saint Petersburg Stadium. The Otkrytiye Arena Stadium in Moscow took the second place. The Fisht Stadium is ranked third in terms of mobile Internet used at the stadium. 

Tele2 subscribers most often called while staying at the Fisht Olympic Stadium. Otkrytiye Arena took the second place in terms of phone calls made at the location. The third place belongs to the main stadium of St. Petersburg. 

Tele2 has drawn up a rating of matches where subscribers were most active in the use of voice, mobile Internet and messages. Subscribers most often accessed Internet at the Russia vs Portugal match that took place in Moscow on 21 June. The second place was taken by the final match between Chile and Germany that took place on 2 July in St. Petersburg. The last position in the top three belongs to the game between Portugal and Mexico squads played on the same day in Moscow.

Tele2 has registered a maximum number of calls at the final game between Chile and Germany. The Germany vs Cameroon game in Sochi on 25 June unexpectedly took the second place in popularity. The third place belongs to the Portugal vs Chile game that was held in Kazan on 28 June.

The same match turned out to be leading in terms of subscribers’ SMS activities. The game between Russia and Portugal was ranked second, whereas the final fight between Chile and Germany took the third place.

Apart from the clients’ preferences in the use of mobile service at the Cup’s games, Tele2 has also looked at the guest roaming results. The largest number of foreign tourists who registered on the Tele2 network in Moscow Region during the Cup came from the US. Visitors from China are taking the second place, whereas travellers from Estonia come last in the top three of most active roamers. Guests from Belorussia and Luxembourg also actively connected to the Tele2 network and took the 4th and 5th place correspondently.

The largest number of tourists who registered on the Tele2 network in St. Petersburg arrived from Estonia. The US guests were ranked second and Chinese visitors took the third place. The 4th and 5th positions in the ranking belong to Italy and Great Britain.

Most roamers on the Tele2 network in Sochi arrived from Belorussia, the second place just as in St. Petersburg was taken by US guests. The third position in the ranking belongs to Ukrainian visitors. Finally, travellers from Armenia and Estonia are ranked 4th and 5th in the top five.

Most guests who chose the Tele2 network during the Cup came from the US. Tourists from Belorussia and Mexico shared the second place, which is understandable taking into view that most matches with participation of the Mexican team were held in Kazan. The Czech Republic and Latvia follow in the ranking.

Mobile Internet was most actively used by US tourists, travellers from China were leaders in made phone calls. Visitors from Belorussia outperformed others in a number of sent SMS.

It is quite interesting that subscribers from Mexico outnumbered those from Portugal by 40% at the Portugal vs Mexico match in Moscow. During the Confederations Cup, the operator’s services were also used by guests from exotic getaways – Oman, Gibraltar, Macao and Cote d’Ivoire.


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