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Tele2 and Nokia demonstrate 5G capabilities

5 July 2017

Moscow –Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and Nokia, a global leader in innovative solutions, have successfully tested 5G mobile communications technologies. In the process of testing, the companies have showcased various scenarios of 5G implementation.

Tele2 and Nokia demonstrated the capabilities of 5G mobile communications technologies in framework of the cooperation agreement signed in 2016. The companies agreed to join their efforts in accelerating the 5G development. Their interaction is seeking to enable most efficient solution to address the challenges caused by the growing demand for data communications between people, devices and machines.

5G will facilitate new applications and use cases, including such areas as industrial automation, unmanned transport, remote healthcare, immersive entertainment. Each of those areas required super-high data and low communication delays.

At the demonstration, Tele2 and Nokia presented various scenarios of 5G implementation. The first scenario showed how 5G solutions can be used to control unmanned cars and to organize smart transport management in urban environment.

The second scenario demonstrated operation of 5G-based video analytics: the technology can fully automate video surveillance and set up smart perimeter security. The system analyses trajectories of movement. When suspicious persons or objects are detected, it immediately notifies the operator. Besides, 5G solutions can monitor appearance and/or disappearance of unauthorized objects – lost or deliberately planted by criminals.

The tests were based on Nokia AirFrame (Mobile Edge Computing solution) and AirScale hardware operating in 4.5 GHz frequency range. The companies used MIMO 8x8 technology with eight antennas at the base station and at subscriber equipment to support multichannel video transmission. The solution boosts data rate by four times in comparison to MIMO 2х2 technology in LTE networks.

Ritvars Krievs, Chief Technical Officer at Tele2:

“Deployment of 5G networks should be supported by the high degree of readiness of new breakthrough services, such as smart cities, driverless transport, augmented reality and many others. Despite the fact that building a new 5G ecosystem will take time, we must be technologically ready for new innovative services. The results of first tests proved the efficiency of our partnership with Nokia in acceleration of 5G development and demonstrated a bright outlook in the use of new innovative technologies.”

Demetrio Russo, Vice President at Nokia, Eastern Europe:

“This demonstration is yet another important step forward in the development of cooperation between Nokia and Tele2 in the area of 5G. We confirm our commitment to offer intensive support to Tele2 in its evolution to 5G by helping to choose the most optimal and cost-efficient migration scenario and forthcoming commercial operation of 5G systems. We plan to implement more joint projects in the future in the framework of out 5G agreement which opens great opportunities to raise efficiency in various spheres of activities and improve the quality of our daily life.”


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