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Tele2 is first to transfer remaining services at B2B tariffs

3 July 2017

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is the first to have offered the transferal of remaining services to corporate clients. Now B2B subscribers may spend all unused minutes, SMS and megabytes later in the next period.

At the beginning of the year, Tele2 launched a revolutionary product on the Russian telecom market. Minutes, megabytes and SMS purchased by the clients as a part of their bundle tariff no longer “burn down” at the end of the month but get transferred onto the next period. The service was developed for individuals but Moscow corporate clients also started using this unique service in May.

Testing of the service in the capital’s corporate sector gave positive results, after which Tele2 decided to use this experience on a federal scale. The service became available to users of Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Sigma on 30 June. The transferal of remaining service is free-toll and activated automatically if subscriber fee is paid in time.

Apart from this service, the Tele tariff range has another competitive advantage: in travels around Russia (excluding Crimea and Sevastopol) the use of mobile Internet does not expend a bundle of traffic and all incoming calls are free of charge. Limitless employee-to-employee talks are available at all tariffs.

Tele2 has developed the Alfa tariff to the companies’ executives: it provides a maximum volume of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic at a profitable price. In Moscow Region, Tele2 is offering its clients 2000 minutes, 20 Gb and 2000 SMS or MMS to all Russian numbers for 650 rubles per month.

The Beta tariff is meant for corporate clients who actively use voice services and Internet. In Moscow, a bundle of services at a cost of 450 rubles includes 1000 minutes, 10 Gb of traffic, 1000 SMS or MMS.

Gamma is a good option for the clients who call less frequently but actively use wireless Internet. A subscriber fee of 350 rubles also includes 500 minutes, 10 Gb and 500 SMS or MMS to all Russian numbers.

A new proposal − the Sigma tariff – is meant for those who need a well-balanced bundle of minutes and Internet for the comfort use. For 200 rubles per month subscribers get 300 minutes, 300 SMS or MMS and 1 Gb of Internet.

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